Hygiene & Safety

Internal cleaning system, available to third parties.

Creating and maintaining optimal hygienic conditions are mandatory requirements in the Food & Beverage delivery sector, and not only.

Carapellese Trasporti is committed every day to ensure partners’ satisfaction and end users’ safety, thanks to its own technologically advanced cleaning system.

Our cleaning and sterilization system is able to adapt to any type of vehicle and is structured to accommodate more than one vehicle at the same time. Our cleaning system is equipped with CIP (Clean in Place) technology.

This instrument constitutes an automatic cleaning system that recirculates the cleansing liquids and rinsing solutions that allow a perfect purification of the vehicles from any organic or inorganic contaminant.


The Clean In Place system allow to reach excellent outcomes, saving cleansers, water and power.
The CIP operating process is divided into the following phases:
  1. High-pressure washing with water;
  2. Washing with alkaline substances in order to eliminate protein and oil accumulations and limescales;
  3. Intermediate rinse;
  4. Washing with acid cleaner to remove mineral deposits and other substances;
  5. Final rinse.

The cutting-edge machinery, the attentive and qualified staff, the use of certified products for food use allow us to offer high-level hygiene and safety guarantees.